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If many tabs are openned in the Internet Explorer, a balloon pops up when you close the window, asking that if you want to 'Close all tabs' or 'Close current tab'.
Some students check 'Always close all tabs' carelessly. As a result, no prompt pops up when they close many tabs. What shall we do do recover the prompt?

I am using internet explorer 7. My computer used to ask me 'Do you want to close all the tabs or just the currently opened tap' but it doesn't do that anymore and It's really aggravating.

  • Get more done with the new Google Chrome. A more simple, secure, and faster web browser than ever, with Google’s smarts built-in.
  • Use the toolbar button, keyboard command (alt + w) or the context menu options to quickly close open tabs. Change the default setting for the toolbar button, and open a particular URL after closing all the tabs.
  • Mainの『AskToCloseAllTabs』をダブルクリックして、値のデータを『0』から『1』に変更します。 ※レジストリエディタ起動後に、Ctrl+Fで検索を開き『AskToCloseAllTabs』を入力し検索すると簡単です.
  • If the AskToCloseAllTabs value doesn’t exist, right-click on an empty spot and select New- DWORD (32-bit) Value. Name it AskToCloseAllTabs. Change its value data to 1 if you want to enable “Do you want to close all tabs” prompt in Microsoft Edge. Once you’ve completed the steps, re-launch Microsoft Edge.
Chrome ask to close all tabs

Things we can do:
Press 'Alt+T', and click 'Internet Options'.

Close All Tabs In Safari

In 'Tab' column, click 'Settings' botton.


Open 'Tabbed Browsing Settings' window, and check 'Warn me when closing multiple tabs'.

Finally, press 'OK' to exit the settings window.


That's it.

Close All Tabs Shortcut

If it does not work all the same, you are suggested to dig the Forum to see if any solution can be best for you.