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Are you looking for a modern system that can grow with your business?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (previously known as 'Dynamics NAV' and 'Navision') is an advanced Enterprise Resource Planning system with extensive functionality covering sales, purchasing as well as operations, budgeting and inventory management. The platform builds on Microsoft Dynamics NAV - which is used by hundereds of thousands of organisations world-wide, and has a user count in the millions. You can be sure that the system will be supported and improved well into the future - with Microsoft commited to the platform and it's evolution. Business Central can be hosted in the cloud, or on premise.

Why choose Business Central?

Widely supported, Scalable, Easy to Use

With such a large number of organisations using the software world-wide, and Microsoft's extensive partner network, you will not be 'locked-in' to a particualr provider, and can rest assured that you will be able to receive system enhancements and support well into the future. Microsoft has a strong track-record of investment, particularly for their business products.

Having been developed with a modern architecture, Dynamics 365 Business Central is easy to integrate with other software used in your organisation. Out of the box, there is seamless integration with Office 365. Actions in the ERP system can be executed straight out of outlook for example - which means users will not have to switch between applications.

The software is truly 'cross-platform' - and can be used on iOS and Android mobile devices with a dedicated App. Windows and web clients are also provided, giving the user the choice of using Business Central wherever they are.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Connect operations across your small or medium-sized business. Get started Take a guided tour. Connect your teams using a single solution Comprehensive business management Ensure business continuity with a cloud solution that connects sales, service, finance, and operations teams to help them adapt faster.


Business Central is an enterprise resource planning tool that can be used to manage a variety of everyday business functions, including:

Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central will assist with cash flow forecasting, cash management and bank reconciliation. The software also allows for fixed asset management that works not in a spreadsheet but in an online system where you can calculate depreciation, profit and loss, as well as produce balance sheets. Budgets can be set and then run alongside the actuals, meaning you can constantly keep track of performance.
  1. Dynamics 365 Business Central is a comprehensive business management solution for growing companies with roughly 10 to 100 employees. These are companies that need more than the simple financial and accounting tools they started with, but aren’t yet ready to make a big investment in a customized enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.
  2. Customers can also subscribe for an evaluation version by using self-service sign-up (also known as IW or viral sign-up). This subscription comes with 10000 licenses and allows customers to evaluate the functionality of Business Central using non-production companies.
Your inventory is your most important asset and you need to get it right. Dynamics 365 Business Central helps you manage your stock levels by using in-built planning parameters. These take into account the budgets you've set through the accounting section of the system to ensure you have just the right amount of stock. This will then have a positive impact on your cash flow and other essential areas of your business.
The software allows you to manage production orders and output time so that you can plan labour for manufacturing based on accurate information.
You'll be able to use the software to set up automatic payments to your suppliers, chase invoice statements and manage supplier invoices.
The cost of importing is so much more than the price of the product. Dynamics 365 Business Central helps you to cost imports by taking into account all the extra fees associated with landing, and will update your inventory and accounts accordingly.
The software allows you to quickly and easily fulfil your financial reporting, income statement and tax reporting obligations.
Whether you're a brick-and-mortar store or operating in e-commerce, you can use Dynamics 365 Business Central for all your point of sale needs. This information is fed straight into your accounting and inventory management, meaning your data is always up to date.

There are also a number of optional extras available for Dynamics 365 Business Central, including customer relationship management software and a mobile warehousing add-on that allows for mobile scan guns to assist with warehouse efficiency.

Each of these features is fully integrated with all the others. For example, as soon as a sale is made in a brick-and-mortar store, your point of sales system will automatically update your inventory lists, let you know if you need to purchase or import any extra stock, and amend your accounts accordingly.

Eagle360 Consulting offer solutions specific for retail organisations - and are partners with LS Retail and Dynavics.

The solution is customisable - and Eagle360 Consulting has a team dedicated to developing extensions for the product. These extensions can be developed to create features or application behaviour specifically for your organisation's business processes.


Eagle360 offers a specialised full implementation service.

We do a holistic overview of your business, starting with your software needs, but also encompassing your wider company goals and the future of your particular industry. Based on this analysis, we'll advise you on a solution that takes into account not just your current business needs but those you'll encounter in the future as well.

Implementation can take between one and six months, and we can ensure the software is fully integrated into your existing systems. And it doesn't stop there. We provide ongoing support, and can advise on future solutions as you require them.

Finally, we also offer a range of cybersecurity services to ensure that your business - including your Microsoft Dynamics software - is fully protected from any external threats. This is all part of the holistic approach that we believe is so integral to the successful implementation of business intelligence systems.

For more information on how Eagle 360 can help your business see success, contact us today.

For more information on howEagle360 can help your business seesuccess, contact us today.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Liberating Customers From Traditional Business Apps Licensing

Microsoft has reinvented its approach to pricing and packaging with the new Dynamics 365 offering, as it will offer 2 versions of the Dynamics 365 product:

  1. Business Central (former Dynamics NAV)
  2. Finance & Supply Chain Management

Each edition has a set of purpose-built applications like Operations, Sales, and Customer Service. Dynamics 365 offers customers the flexibility to grow at their own pace and expand into additional capabilities with ease to run their entire business using the Microsoft Azure cloud services.

What Is Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central
(small-to-medium businesses. No user limit)

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a comprehensive business management solution for growing companies with roughly 10 to 100 employees. These are companies that need more than the simple financial and accounting tools they started with, but aren’t yet ready to make a big investment in a customized enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

Without sacrificing ease of use or speed of setup, Dynamics 365 Business Central offers a fully powered business management solution in the cloud, with capabilities spanning financials, dimensions, sales and purchase management, inventory, CRM (opportunity management), multi-currency, and business insight.

Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management
(Large Enterprises. 20 user minimum)

The Enterprise tier will include a total of eight apps that can be combined into two different plans. Those apps include Dynamics AX, which is going to be regarded as a single “Operations” app, five apps representing most CRM-related capabilities including Field Service, and PowerApps and Flow. The two Enterprise plans are identical except for the use of the Operations (aka, New AX) app. And the non-Operations plan includes tiered pricing, with discounts for higher seat counts. There is no tiered pricing for the plan that includes Operations modules. The five apps that make up the components of Dynamics CRM will be: sales, marketing, customer service, field service, and project service automation. Field service, based on the FieldOne acquisition, and project service automation are already offered as more or less standalone or add-on capabilities.

There are 2 ways to license Dynamics 365 – by application or by personalized role.

  • Traditionally software has been licenced by application – traditionally designed around departmental needs. Microsoft’s application based licensing supports this traditional model.
  • Role-based licensing is designed to help customers to support their employees and the real world roles they fill. For example, Account Managers do a better job when they can see the latest Customer Service tickets and outstanding invoices. Role-based licensing provides users with full usage rights to PowerApps and Microsoft Flow to compose new apps and easily extend and modify existing ones.

Role-based licensing improves ROI as companies pay once for access to the capability they need regardless of which application it resides in. This is unique as competitive ERP products require customers to buy licenses for multiple different apps – resulting in 2-3x increased cost.

Team Member License

Dynamics Business Central Cloud Version

Dynamics 365 licencing is also designed to be inclusive – to meet the needs of employees who may not need to be full users of any business application or traditional “read-only users (i.e. what traditional Microsoft Dynamics customers would refer to as Limited Users or Employee Self Service Users). On a day-to-day basis, these employees need to book travel, change their personnel information, update a customer record, or review sales data. Dynamics 365 offers a Self Service option to enable these employees to perform these tasks themselves instead of relying on an Office Manager or someone else to have to manually input this information after receiving an email, excel file, etc.

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Dynamics 365 Business Central For Iws

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