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To add your supply request file, do the following:

SourcetreeInstall Sourcetree For MacForInstall sourcetree for mac
  1. From your BitbucketStationSupplies in Bitbucket, click Source to open the source directory. Notice you only have one file, supplies.txt, in your directory.

    • A. Source page: Click the link to open this page.

    • B. Branch selection: Pick the branch you want to view.

    • C. More options button: Click to open a menu with more options, such as 'Add file'.

    • D. Source file area: View the directory of files in Bitbucket.

  2. From the Source page, click the More options button in the top right corner and select Add file from the menu. The More options button only appears after you have added at least one file to the repository. A page for creating the new file opens, as shown in the following image.

    • A. Branch with new file: Change if you want to add file to a different branch.

    • B. New file area: Add content for your new file here.

  3. Enter supplyrequest in the filename field.

  4. Select HTML from the Syntax mode list.

  5. Add the following HTML code to the text area:

    We are requesting additional supplies. Please send us the following:

    • space ice cream

    • nerf darts

    • telescope light shield

  6. Click Commit. The Commit message field appears with the message: supplyrequest created online with Bitbucket.

  7. Click Commit under the message field.

Install Sourcetree Mac Os

While there is a mono version of Git Extensions (v2.51 line) that does run just fine on Linux, it was my experience that even this mono version of GitExt doesn't work correctly on Mac (app crashes). It may be possible to resolve these issues but I don't believe there is any quick-and-easy path to getting it working. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Install Sourcetree on Your Mac The following instructions detail how to download and install the application on your Mac: Download the latest version of Sourcetree from the official downloads page. Unzip the downloaded zip file by double-clicking it in a Finder window. Installing the SourceTree GUI on Windows If you ask the average Git user, what program they use to interface with Git, chances are pretty high that they'll say 'the command line'. And once you understand what happens when you type each Git command, chances are you'll be just as happy to do the same.

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Install Sourcetree For Mac Catalina

Install and set up Sourcetree. Install Sourcetree. Step-by-step instructions for installation. Connect your Bitbucket or Github account. If you want to add remote repositories, you need to connect to your hosting service. Clone a remote repository.