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IPod with a Touch/Scroll Wheel — Switch Hold on and off, press and hold Play and Menu until the Apple logo appears, release the buttons, and press and hold Previous and Next until the Disk Mode screen appears. IPod Classic — Disk Mode is neither supported nor needed when connecting a classic iPod to your computer.

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  1. Transfer Music from iPod to iTunes Mac without iTunes. The easy way to copy music from iPod/iPhone/iPad to iTunes Mac is using iOS transfer tool, like iMyFone TunesMate. Well, it’s a perfect iTunes alternative that allows you to easily transfer music from iPod to iTunes Mac or sync iTunes music to iPod without deleting music.
  2. Hold down the option and command (Apple/cloverleaf) keys of iPad, and then plug it into the MacBook via the USB cable. ITunes will warn you that the iPod is running in Safe Mode. Quit iTunes, and your iPod will be accessible in MacBook. The iPod can be seen on your MacBook desktop.
  3. Since both iPod and Mac are made by the same company, it is actually pretty easy to do the sync and have your iPod music available on your Mac machine. Although it requires using certain apps to do the task, you can finally get your favorite tracks on your Mac without much hassle. The following are some of the ways to transfer music from an.
  4. Available space is less and varies due to many factors. A standard configuration uses approximately 10GB to 12GB of space (including iOS and preinstalled apps) depending on the model and settings. Preinstalled apps use about 4GB, and you can delete these apps and restore them. Compared with the previous-generation iPod touch.

Is your iPod contains lots of files including music, videos and photos? Looking to transfer iPod files from iPod to Mac? So now how to do this is the question of your problem? Don’t worry there are another third party software available like Wondershare TunesGo Mac which enables you to transfer your iPod files from iPod to Mac perfectly without losing any file. We are going to tell you different ways now to transfer files from iPod to Mac.

Part 1. Best Way to Transfer Files from iPod to Mac

Now it's time to say no to iTunes to transfer files from iPod to Mac because of less functionality and say yes to Wondershare TunesGo. Wondershare TunesGo can easily transfer all available files from iPod to Mac without facing any problem. You can easily transfer files on the perfect location where you want to transfer them. TunesGo is available for both windows and Mac users. iPod to Mac transfer software enables you to transfer files from iPod to Mac and transfer files from iPod to windows as well. Not only ios devices now you can connect you android device with Mac as well using TunesGo.

Key features

  • TunesGo is a iPod to Mac transfer software and enables you to transfer files from iPod to Mac.
  • TunesGo can easily transfer all types of files from iPod to Mac.
  • Not only iPod devices users can easily transfer file from iPhone to Mac and iPad to Mac as well.
  • TunesGo is compatible with all available ios devices and all ios version.
  • TunesGo can rebuild iTunes library on Mac in just one click after crashing of Mac.
  • MacIpodIpod
  • TunesGo is able to detect and delete duplicates automatically.
  • TunesGo can easily convert format of unsupported file to supported formats automatically.
  • TunesGo support android devices as well so users can connect any mobile without any device limitation.
  • TunesGo can root android mobiles in just one click.
  • How to transfer file from iPod to Mac

    Now we are going to tell you that how you can transfer different files from iPod to Mac easily with TunesGo.

    Step 1 Download TunesGo Mac version from above box, install and run it on your Mac computer. You can see on the interface which type of devices you can connect with TunesGo.

    Step 2 Connect iPod with Mac device using a USB cable and let TunesGo detect it. Once iPod is detected it will show your device in the home screen.

    Ipod To Mac Software

    Transfer Music from iPod to Mac

    Now you can easily transfer all file from iPod to Mac. Click on Music and Select all music files or some whatever you want. After selecting music right click on the selected songs and click on 'Export to Mac' button. On the next screen choose location and click on 'ok'.

    Transfer Music Videos from iPod to Mac

    There is the same process to transfer music videos too. Click on Videos tab on the top and let TunesGo load your available music videos. Once the videos are loaded, select the videos and right click on the selected videos then click on 'Export to Mac' button. Now select the location to store video on Mac and click on ok button.

    Transfer Photos from iPod to Mac

    To transfer photos from iPod to Mac, click on photos tab and select the photos which you wish to transfer then right click on the selected photos and Click on Export to Mac button. On the next step browse the location where you want to save them.

    Part 2. Transfer Files from iPod to Mac without Downloading Software

    Ipod To Itunes Mac

    Mac enables users to access iPod music files form Mac easily by changing some settings in your Mac device. But before doing that you must be a technical person to understand the way to access iPod on your Mac easily.


    Step 1 Start you Mac device and login. After starting, go to the applications and select utilities.

    Step 2 Now Terminal will open on the screen. Now type “defaults write com.apple.Finder AppleShowAllFiles YES” command in the terminal. This command will force Mac to show all hidden files on your Mac and iPod as well. You can revert these changes later by swapping “Yes” to “No”.

    Step 3 Once the above step is completed, you need to reset your finder now to apply new settings.

    Step 4 Now go to your iPod in you Mac and double click and open it. In the iPod-control option go to music and selected the all music files. Copy these files and paste them anywhere on your Mac.

    Step 5 Now your files will be looks like different names and you can’t even get name of your files but you don’t need to worry about it. When you import these music files in iTunes they will again come with the original names of files.

    Part 3. Tips about How to Transfer Files from iPod to Mac

    Tip #1 Copy the music files not folder

    While following second way to transfer files from iPod to Mac, it is our suggestion that you copy music files which are available in the folder instead of copying and pasting folders because when you will change hidden settings again then these folder will not visible on Mac device.

    Ipod To Mac Computer

    Tip #2 Don’t try to use automatic backup software to transfer files

    Ipod To Macbook Cable

    When you are thinking to transfer files from iPod to Mac then don’t use automatic backup software’s to backup files to clouds. These software really allows you to transfer files automatically to cloud servers but always there are some limitations of devices or files types of file storage sizes. So instead of using these cloud software’s you can use Wondershare TunesGo which enables you to transfer iPod without with any size or storage or file type restrictions.