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Im trying to use Zoom conferencing on Microsoft edge but either keeps directing me to the MS Store when I try to run the download or when I join via the browser it says browser is not supported. The panel below affects the volume of the sound you receive from the Zoom meeting. This allows you to change the volume of your microphone, or what you say in the Zoom meeting. Similarly to the speaker section, the options for the mic allow you to choose between using your computer’s microphone or your own if you have one. Jan 31, 2020 I'm having an issue with the new Edge. We run Zoom for conferencing. When I click the link to open up zoom (already installed on my machine) I get this message. I click Open and Zoom the app loads and I'm in. What's new in this version. 4 August 2017 + Fixed Options page design + Improvement Zoom engine first default settings + Add option for default zoom value for other screen sizes + Add option double click Z icon to zoom in, and single click to zoom out + Add option for mouse wheel zoom in and out on the current web page + Add option for to get a large Z popup window First Public Release

You can change the zoom factor from 1 up to 400. Scroll and Zoom When you click on the Z button, and scroll up or down with your mouse. Zoom will automatically change LIVE that web page. Zoom all together In/Out If you enable this option in the Zoom options page, it will zoom in/out on all the open web pages.

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Improve your browsing experience by comfortably magnifying web content within your computer's Edge browser by relying on this handy extension

Considered by some a big step for Microsoft, while others are not so fond of it, Microsoft Edge is now very much part of the Windows 10 'default' user experience. Having said that, considering the fact that it comes with support for extensions, you might want to give it a chance.

Coming from the developer of the same developer that created the famous cross-browser extension Turn Off the Lights, Zoom for Microsoft Edge is a nifty little tool that aims to make your browsing experience a tad bit better by allowing you to comfortably magnify web content.

Lots of reasons why you should install this extension, almost no reasons why you shouldn't

Apart from enhanced accessibility (thanks to a handy slider), the main reason you might want to install this extension on your computer's Edge browser is the one up to four hundred offered zoom factor. The fact that it can save the zoom value for any number of websites is also another worth mentioning gimmick that should spark your interest.


We're happy to report that video experience has not been overlooked. Use the extension to zoom in on any YouTube page, and you will notice that it also increases the size of the video player itself. It works just as good with HTML5 videos, as well. Head over to the Options section, and you are bound to discover a few other customization features that might also contribute towards making your Edge browsing experience a bit better.

Install it, quickly enable it, add its button to Edge's toolbar, and you're ready to go

The extension can be effortlessly installed from the Microsoft Store, and it only requires you to enable it once you launch Edge afterward.

Since we're on the subject, we'll say that, by default, it lives in the Extensions panel. We know, this is not exactly ideal, therefore, right-click the extension in order to add it next to the address bar, the typical position for most tools of this type.

Must have extension for Edge, especially if you do a lot of reading

Zoom Meetings In Microsoft Edge Browser

To sum it all up, Zoom for Microsoft Edge is a worthy extension for the Microsoft-vetted browser. It improves the way Edge can handle magnification tasks on a wide array of websites, it's easy to install, easy to work with, and it also comes with a few extra customization features meant to improve your browsing experience even more.

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Zoom for Microsoft Edge

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Zoom has grown exponentially in a short amount of time. And although it’s not my favorite app, due to its share of issues, it is admittedly already getting better. But some users are running into errors the first time they try to join a meeting. What’s going on?

Well, it turns out this error may sometimes occur because you don’t have a compatible web browser installed. By default, Windows 10 came with Microsoft Edge, and the old Internet Explorer. What you need to do is first install the even newer Chromium Based Microsoft Edge or an alternative browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Once you have any one of those browsers installed (or if you already have something installed), THEN you just need to change your computer’s default browser. It’s easier than it sounds, don’t worry!

Click your Start Menu in the lower left corner of the screen. Type “Default Browser” in the search bar. In the results, click on “Choose a Default Web Browser.”

On the next screen, you’ll be able to click where it already says Microsoft Edge (your icon will probably look different from mine, as this computer already has the updated Chromium Based Microsoft Edge). From there, though, you can choose another browser of your choice, like Chrome or Firefox.

Microsoft Edge Zoom Meetings Free

Once the default browser has been changed, you can simply “X” out of that Window in the upper right – your change is saved automatically.

NOW when you click the link to join your Zoom meeting, it should work like a charm!

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How To Install Zoom On Microsoft Edge

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