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If you're not already familiar with Visual Studio Live Share, refer here for more information.


Open your project, then click the Live Share button in your status bar to start a new collaboration session. You'll be asked to login with your GitHub or Microsoft account the first time, which simply allows other developers to identify you. Refer to the Live Share quickstart for more details. Visual Studio Live Share. Please sign in using one of the following account types so collaborators know who you are. Sign in with Microsoft Work, school or personal account. Sign in with GitHub. By signing in, you agree to the license terms and privacy statement.

This extension pack includes everything you need to start collaboratively editing and debugging in real time, including integrated audio and text chat. This provides you and your team/class with a one-click installation, in order to begin pair programming, performing remote code reviews, driving interactive lectures, and more, without needing to leave Visual Studio Code.

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Getting Started

Visual Studio Live Share Machine

  1. Install this extension pack and reload VS Code

  2. Open your project, then click the Live Share button in your status bar to start a new collaboration session. You'll be asked to login with your GitHub or Microsoft account the first time, which simply allows other developers to identify you.

    Refer to the Live Share quickstart for more details.

  3. Open the Live Share Sessions Details view, and click the Start audio call... node to start a call that is scoped to the guests in the session

    Refer to the Live Share Audio quickstart for more details.

  4. A new document window, titled Live Share Chat, will automatically open to the side. This window provides you with an integrated chat channel that is scoped to the guests in your collaboration session. If you close the window, you can always re-open it by clicking the Chat Channel node in the Live Share Session Details view (as displayed below).

    Refer to the documentation for more details.

When you send the VS Live Share link to another developer, they'll immediately join into your session, and will be prompted to connect to the audio call. From there, you can begin communicating and collaborating in real-time, without needing to rely on any other tools or services.

Once you've collaborated with someone, they'll be automatically added to your Recent contacts list in the Live Share Contacts view (details). This allows you to see their real-time status (e.g. Available, Away, Do not disturb), send them instant messages, and then invite them into Live Share sessions, directly from the IDE. Collaboration couldn't be any easier!

To learn more about what you can do with VS Live Share (e.g. co-debugging, sharing terminals and localhost servers), refer to the comprehensive how-to guide.

Included Extensions

The following extensions are included as part of this extension pack, and therefore, will be automatically installed along with it:

Live Share
Live Share Audio

Recommended Extensions

The following extensions aren't included as part of this extension pack, but are recommended based on the additional capabilities they provide to VS Live Share collaboration sessions (e.g. time-tracking, shared test runner, real-time code prototyping):

Browser Preview
Code Time
Discord Presence
GitHub Pull Requests
Live Server
Live Share Pomodoro
Live Share Spaces
Live Share Whiteboard
Test Explorer

More Information

[I'm sorry but I'm super busy now. If you want to be a maintainer of the project, please feel free to contact me! You've to be passionate about programming]

Live Server loves 💘 your multi-root workspace

Live Server for server side pages like PHP. Check Here

[For 'command not found error' #78]

Launch a local development server with live reload feature for static & dynamic pages.

Visual studio code live share macVisual Studio Live Share Mac


Shortcuts to Start/Stop Server

[NOTE: In case if you don't have any .html or .htm file in your workspace then you have to follow method no 4 & 5 to start server.]

  1. Open a project and click to Go Live from the status bar to turn the server on/off.

  2. Right click on a HTML file from Explorer Window and click on Open with Live Server..

  3. Open a HTML file and right-click on the editor and click on Open with Live Server.

  4. Hit (alt+L, alt+O) to Open the Server and (alt+L, alt+C) to Stop the server (You can change the shortcut form keybinding). [On MAC, cmd+L, cmd+O and cmd+L, cmd+C]

  5. Open the Command Pallete by pressing F1 or ctrl+shift+P and type Live Server: Open With Live Server to start a server or type Live Server: Stop Live Server to stop a server.


  • A Quick Development Live Server with live browser reload.
  • Start or Stop server by a single click from status bar.
  • Open a HTML file to browser from Explorer menu.[Quick Gif Demo].
  • Support for excluding files for change detection.
  • Hot Key control.
  • Customizable Port Number, Server Root, default browser.
  • Support for any browser (Eg: Firefox Nightly) using advance Command Line.
  • Support for Chrome Debugging Attachment (More Info). [Quick Gif Demo].
  • Remote Connect through WLAN (E.g.: Connect with mobile) [Need Help? See FAQ Section]
  • Use preferable host name (localhost or
  • Customizable Supporting Tag for Live Reload feature. (Default is Body or head)
  • SVG Support
  • https Support.
  • Support for proxy.
  • CORS Enabled
  • Multi-root workspace supported.
  • Support for any file even dynamic pages through Live Server Web Extension.


Open VSCode and type ctrl+P, type ext install ritwickdey.liveserver.


Live Share Now Included With Visual Studio 2019 Visual ...

All settings are now listed here Settings Docs.


All FAQs are now listed here FAQ Docs

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What's new ?

  • Version 5.6.1 (17.04.19)

    • [NEW] Fixing Extension host terminated unexpectedly *[#431
  • Version 5.6.0 (17.04.19)

    • [NEW] Intregation of Browser Preview with Live Server[#352 - Thanks to Kenneth Auchenberg]
    • [NEW] Fallback to random port If given port is busy. [#330 - Thanks to Ali Almohaya ]
    • [FIXES] Moved to vscode-chokidar lib for #285.
    • Doc Fixes [#388 - Thanks to Ted Silbernagel]
  • Version 5.5.1 (12.02.19)

    • [Fixes] Fixed Extension host terminated unexpectedly for MacOS. [#285]
  • Version 5.5.0 (12.02.19)

    • [Fixes] Fixed ignoreFiles settings [#255]
    • Attempt to fix high cpu load [#278]


To check full changelog click here.

Special Thanks To Maintainers

Visual Studio Live Share Macbook

A special thanks to Max Schmitt, Joydip Roy & Ayo Adesugba for contributing their valueable time on this project.


This extension is licensed under the MIT License